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TangledScienceServer updated to 1.7.8 :)
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rigger21I need help when I try to direct connect for the code it says the server is out of date what can I do to get the into date server
rigger21   thanks
rigger21   one more thing how do I get back in to typing the code
wartortle24601   Have you tried turning it off and on again? Is it definitely plugged in? Have you tried sticking it up your arse?
wartortle24601It's now the school holidays guys! Hell yeah! I got a splinter stuck underneath my thumbnail earlier and I watched my dad play dragon age two.
RoflCoptr5555   m'kay...
rigger21 and Spogardh joined Elysium
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wartortle24601So, I'm planning thing on a piece of paper. I need to put the pencil down without losing it, where do I put it? It ends up between my boobs, girls come with their own pencil holders lol. Sorry about that, derp moment.
wartortle24601   *things

I hate it when I misspell things sometimes
wartortle24601   Btw it bought a whole bunch of candy, and doughnuts, and soda and shtuff. Tomorrow is the last day before foundation day, so I'm going to feast on food with mah friends.
8ballgames   I always loose my pencil when I need it drives me crazy lol ...... more crazy
jawesc0ttWelcome to WTF - The Waterwood Testing Facility
8ballgames   created a new thread UK v.s US in the General Discussion forum
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