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TangledScienceHey all, it's been tough recently but we're nearly there :sick: just thought I'd point out that Elysium is pretty much 4 years old, when the dust settles there will be a massive party!!
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Monkeybreath1999   created a new thread Ban Appeal in the Ban Appeal forum
TangledScienceServer Update: So.... after a bunch of hiccups I'm finally getting Elysium back on track, just about every vital plugin needed some work to fix, Java needed an update, Permissions need to be completely rewritten (which I'm working on now) and I'm sure some other bugs will surface... but... give it time and everything should be back to normal :sick:
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TangledScience   Heading into the city to grab some food, if anyone's still awake I'll be back in 30mins
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TangledScienceElysium is back!!!!!!
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Dhest   Huzza
top624952   I don't have permissions or access to commands... :(
TangledScience   Don't worry Top, fixing it now.. Good to see you all you btw! :sick:
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